I am very glad that you came to my site! Here you can see my wonderful works and find references to official sources. In addition, you can find out what I can do and write email if you have suggestions.

My projects


Here you will find answers to all your questions (or not, lol). Create your own questions and send them to your friends.
Game In Steam


You have to make a deal with Momo to do the work for the boss. What will Momo ask in return?
Game In Steam

MMMmmm... Cake!

Littile Cake need to escape from this world. Use your mouse to jump across the obstacles. Can you help him, please?
Game In Steam


Horror game where you need to do different tasks from horror creature received by your phone. And remember: Don't chat with MOMO!
Game In Steam

Changeover: Decisions

Your character has lost his memory and finds himself in a godforsaken place. An adventure with a nonlinear storyline, lots of choices, and a unique combat system. Could he get out alive?
Game In Steam

Approaching Blocks

Play and study foreign words! Try dodge from blocks. When you loss, showing words in a foreign language. To complete each level hold 100 seconds. First two levels are quite simple, but starting from the third, it will be hard.
Game In Steam And Game In Play Store


Pulse MIREA [Android]

Official application of students and graduate students of MIREA. It contains the latest news of the university and a convenient schedule of your couples.

My skills

I am ready to move and work abroad. If you are interested in anything from this list, then write to me on the mail:,)

  • Program to Unity
  • Program for Android OS
  • Create 3D models in Blender and 3ds Max
  • Make Sites
  • Make Videos
  • Learn new things

How to contact me

Write to the mail, filling in the fields below. Please indicate your name and subject of the letter. I will reply to all messages as soon as I can. Have a good day!